Friday, April 19, 2013

Ups, Downs and Siren Songs

Truly a day full of ups and downs...


I fixed my header. Apparently when you save a .png as an image from MS Publisher you must save it at highest resolution otherwise it comes out all choppy and awful like mine did.  So I fixed it! Woot!


My husband started feeling sick again this morning and went to urgent care. He was diagnosed with Viral Gastroenteritis. He has Norovirus and most likely I do too which explains why I feel so run down, nauseated and headachy. Booo.

Wow once it's all written out it really seems more down than up doesn't it?

Oh well. Time spent resting is time I could be writing. I might do it too, you know if Gossip Girl doesn't lure me away from the computer. I'm on season four and Chuck and Blair are off (again) and she might be about to date Dan Humphrey and I mean... I have to see what's gonna happen with that train wreck. Because no. Dan and Serena need to be together. Not because I care about them but because they deserve each other. They are both insufferable jerkwads, permanently attached to their high horses.

Plus I love Blair's clothing. I COVET.

Anyhow, assuming Chuck Bass doesn't seduce me away from the computer, I have two fantastic story ideas that are trying to derail me from editing my current novel. There is nothing more alluring than the siren song of a brilliant idea. There is no judgement, no frustration, it's perfect because it doesn't exist except as a dream. It's like having a crush on someone, it's beautiful and flawless because it's only in your head (like my love affair with Chuck Bass and Ryan Gosling). They are whatever I want them to be. Truth is Chuck would be a terrible boyfriend and Ryan Gosling... he probably farts in his sleep and leaves the kitchen counter all messy. Reality is a harsh mistress both when it comes to love and to romance writing.


Gossip Girl



  1. I love your description of a story idea like a crush. Because it's true. It's all perfect until you have to actually plot it out and write it and struggle with plotholes and typos. Just like a crush is perfect until you discover they're human beings with flaws.

  2. I can relate, Mencara, in more ways than one. My DH has Celiac's disease and I'm sudden exhausted all the time. And I have a 6th WIP to complete. So, I have to ask. Doesn't banging your head help?

    1. It's helpful only if you are banging it to heavy metal. If you are banging it on an object, you will lose focus quickly (followed by consciousness).

  3. Falling in love with a story idea is ever so much easier than living with it over the long haul.

    1. Yes! The crush is so much easier than the relationship.


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