About Me

After many years of talking about writing, I was roped into NaNoWriMo back in 2009, which led to my first terrible novel. Then I wrote another one that was somehow worse than the first one. Now I’m on my fourth manuscript and thanks to the ridiculously smart and talented women in my writing group, there’s been an almost 75% reduction in terribleness. 

I'm a member of the Capital City Writers Association and a proud winner of Finish The Damn Book 2014 as well as NaNoWriMo 2014.

I currently live in Michigan with my charming husband, massive television with no stations and our unbelievable jerk-wad of a cat. 

I enjoy good love stories, alt and hard rock/metal music, teen dramas on the CW, sushi, animated films, musicals, memorizing stand-up comedy and attending writing seminars.

When I asked my husband to give me some ideas about what to put in this bio, he said I should talk about my compulsive need to listen to movie commentaries over and over. Also, he wanted me to mention my magical ability to sit at my computer ten hours at a time, organizing my music into neat categories, yet somehow remain incapable of putting a bra where I can find it.

Shut up, hubs.