Wednesday, April 1, 2015

IWSG: Neurosis - Writer Edition

 I had to bow out of the A-Z challenge. I'm starting to get unstuck in my rewrite and I need to focus on that. Maybe next year. In other news, I'm unstuck in my rewrite! This has been a strange journey.

My first go-through, I connected strongly to my heroine but I didn't know my hero. Now I feel like I connect to my hero but I've lost my connection to the heroine.

Writing is hard, yo.

 I'm feeling all kinds of things these days about writing. Scared. Excited. Jealous and judgmental of people further along in their career path than I am. Worrying that my unpublished novel will get made into a crappy movie and I'll have to be embarrassed about it forever, like I bet Ann Rice is about Exit to Eden. That book was lovely and sexy and heartbreaking and that movie was... a buddy cop story with wacky S&M hijinks. WTF?

I digress.

Most of my process involves me worrying about stuff that I'm nowhere near ready to worry about and then those thoughts meandering into non-sequiturs. What if I don't find an agent? What if I never sell a book? What if I get in a tractor accident and lose my writin' hand? It happened to that girl in Drop Dead Gorgeous. What if Denise Richards rigs my tractor to blow up just so I can't win the Sarah Rose American Teen Princess Pageant?

What if I took a Xanax and watched Drop Dead Gorgeous and shut the hell up?

What does your neurosis look like?


  1. Nice. Woot for getting unstuck. I blame the long winter!

    My neurosis? ADD. Oh, shiny. I love writing. I love my books, but sometimes the Winchester suck me into a four season marathon black whole. Or I discover a new author and I have to read her entire back list in one week.

    I totally feel like Doug. Squirrel!

    1. Sorry for the super late reply, but I feel the same way! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. LOL Christina! I love your humor! I'm visiting today as an IWSG co-host, and I have to say my neurosis is I'm afraid I'll die before I complete my memoir! Thanks for sharing your journey!

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I feel you! Thank you for stopping by.

  3. With your sense of humor, you can overcome anything. Keep on smiling!


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