Monday, July 28, 2014

Blog Under Construction

Don't be concerned if things keep changing or looking weird around here. I really liked my old blog header and color scheme but as I was working on making author business cards to match my blog, I realized that the design didn't actually reflect my writing style, whether its in blog posts or in my fiction. 

If I wrote slick, sleek urban love stories, the crisp white background with whimsical bubbles would be great. But I write edgy romance with characters who swear and have emotional problems and like to bone in the backs of rusty trucks. My stories are gritty and sexy and offbeat and my blog should reflect that, I think.I think grungy purples and blacks reflect my crusty personality much more than the bubbles did.

Anyhow, I'm still playing with the background. It's hell making a background big enough to fill the screen but small enough to fit into Blogger's stringent 300k or less requirement for uploading. Also I have to figure out the CSS to make my header sit flush against the top of the page. These things will come when I have more time.

So yeah. I've been working on this for weeks. So if you think it sucks...

I'm joking, of course. You aren't ugly. You read my blog which means you're gorgeous and you have impeccable taste. If you think the new design sucks I wanna know. I just said that because I wanted an excuse to put up another Dean Winchester gif. Seriously, my obsession is unhealthy.

If you have opinions, thoughts, concerns or comments about the new look and tagline, let me know! I'd love to hear from you.


  1. It looks okay to me, but I think as you play with it, you'll know when you hit the look that's right for you. It's wonderful that we can mix and match until we're satisfied.

    1. Aww thank you. I think it's getting there. I really want to put the navigation menu at the very top of the page but so far it keeps screwing up the other coding. I know just enough to be dangerous but not enough to get it exactly where I want it :P

  2. I love the look. It has personality but doesn't distract from your writing. I also agree with Ms. Campbell but then I'm a tinkererererer, er, at heart. Er? I guess that's gonna be with me all day like hiccups? Er.

  3. Hearts scream romance, BUT the fact that you've included black hearts too gives it the edgy feel... so you're on track thus far! IMHO.

  4. OK, I don't know what happened to my post i just made; Blogger ate it.. I found your blog from IWSG on Facebook. I like the header with the hearts and the tagline is cute!


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